Let White People Die: America Embarks on Anti-White Medical Discrimination

Illegal aliens routinely walk into American emergency rooms and get first-class medical treatment that they rarely pay for, as it is illegal to deny emergency medical care. The cost is borne by the White middle class through the high prices of medical treatment, copays, and insurance. Much of the medical care debate centers around this issue, with middle-class Americans by and large voting against national healthcare because they tend to view it as benefiting non-Whites at their expense—a fear which is already a reality. Up until now, however, White Americans have at least been able to get the care they need, even if it costs them obscene amounts to even be treated with the same level of care that is so freely handed out to illegals, but even that is changing.

As reported by RT, Blacks and Hispanics have been receiving preferential treatment for monoclonal antibodies throughout the Covid pandemic, and numerous tweets and videos, like this one from Texas, show similar policies in place all around the country. The fact that monoclonal antibodies have proven to be one of the few safe and effective treatments for severe Covid cases goes to show just how much this regime hates White people and wants them to suffer. Blacks and Hispanics are, as a whole, the ones burdening the medical system that White people are forced to prop up—at a huge economic cost to their families. Now the people already getting a free ride are given preferential treatment over the taxpayers, all in the name of ‘racial equity.’

In extremely rare cases, Whites can still qualify for monoclonal antibodies if they have severe pre-existing conditions or are elderly. Still, some incalculable amount of suffering and death is being inflicted on White Americans for the sake of ensuring that Blacks and Hispanics can recover from Covid more quickly. If hundreds of thousands of European-Americans have died of Covid, as reported, an immeasurable amount would have been saved through proper monoclonal antibody treatment. The fact that many Whites have been left to die and countless more to suffer during recovery due to social justice policies now in the medical system is cause enough for a righteous rebellion of true Americans against this unjust regime.

Do not think preferential treatment will stop when Covid finally fades into a milder endemic virus. Once this line has been crossed, it will only worsen. Pushing European-Americans to the back of the line for all sorts of medical treatments will continue as social justice advocates take over hospitals as they have every other institution. Social justice warriors will ensure that hospitals are more concerned with addressing ‘structural racism,’ rather than saving lives, just as our educational system no longer focuses on providing education but instead worries endlessly about the ‘achievement gap.’

As an interesting aside, even social justice advocates admit that a big part of the problem is that White patients are simply better at seeing the doctor when they need to. They seek specialized care and are on the whole more healthy, more conscientious, and more sensible about their medical care. Rather than accepting this as a fact of reality, or attempting to improve Black and Hispanic behavior, their solution is simply to push European-American people down to the natural level of Blacks and Hispanics, while pampering every minority that walks in the door with a cadre of specialized nurses and doctors. This is the practice of so-called equity that we have been accustomed to. Whites are punished for their virtues; Blacks and Hispanics are rewarded for their failings.

What does this mean for the future? Imagine a scenario where your child needs an emergency appendectomy in a high-traffic area on a day with a lot of surgeries. Just as your child’s turn comes up, Juan and Denzel come in with gunshot wounds. While they arrived after you, and without medical insurance, they are pushed to the front of the line, and you are forced to wait until the in-demand surgeon can treat their wounds. Your child’s condition is rapidly worsening, but equity demands that Juan and Denzel be treated first. Multiplied across the entire population, in a highly diversifying population, this means a lower life expectancy for White people as they are brought closer to the average Black rate, with thousands of tragedies wrecking the lives of good, hard-working Americans daily.

Black dysfunction and poor health outcomes are certainly a problem—for Black people. Whites have enough of their problems to deal with, and after giving a large portion of their wealth away to African-Americans for at least three generations, it’s time for them to stop feeling they need to shoulder the problems of their community. White people are already openly discriminated against, not just in the workplace, in the courts of law, but now also in the hospitals—in situations where life is on the line and time is short. Facing this fact, European-Americans need a movement that will advocate for their interests forthrightly and openly—and with moral fervor. The 50-year-old government policies are not only disadvantageous to White Americans; they are now literally killing us.

If you are looking for a party to advocate for European-Americans’ interests candidly and clearly, then you have come to the right place. To support us in this cause, please consider joining the American Freedom Party today.