It must be first and foremost understood that the United States was conceived with the vision of a White country, founded by European ideals. This vision was shared by all the founding fathers, and all of our country’s subsequent leaders up until the 1960s. The American Freedom Party strongly adheres to this fundamental conception and seeks to reinstate it. Part of the Rebirth of the American Nation will include relearning the true nature of what it means to be American.

During the 1960s, our immigration system was transformed by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (HartCeller Act) to favor mostly non-Whites. Several generations have now passed since this catastrophic change in policy, and the United States has become unrecognizable to anyone viewing our Nation through the lens of history. With current demographic trends, our people are already a minority in our own land, and will continue to decline with the coordinated invasion of non-European peoples. This diluting and eventual destruction of the true American People will eliminate what makes America American. We must not allow the land our ancestors conquered to be overrun by foreign aliens nor tolerate any further decline in the American demographic.

As you can see from the graph below, the number of foreign invaders that have come into the U.S. just since 2020 when Joe Biden became president is estimated at 7.2 Million, and counting. That is equivalent to the White population of the 9 lowest population states in the country, combined. It is also the same or more population as 36 States in America. These are catastrophic demographic changes that have completely altered the character of our country, and destroyed our Nation.


The American Freedom Party, when in power, will enact the following:

  • We will immediately cease all immigration into the U.S.
  • We will issue clear notice to neighboring countries that failure on their part to mitigate unsanctioned border crossings or illicit transport will be met with serious consequences. Non-compliance will result in our border enforcement agencies and armed military services being deployed against hostile actors within those countries with disregard to their sovereignty.
  • We will unapologetically deport all illegal and criminal aliens whenever discovered.
  • We will impose strict criminal & civil penalties for knowingly employing, aiding, or abetting illegal or criminal aliens.
  • We will offer non-White citizens and their descendants generous grants as part of a voluntary repatriation program that will return them to their ancestral homelands, with the means to start a new life in their home country. This, coupled with voluntary renunciation of their American citizenship, will ensure they cannot return.
  • We will terminate permanent & temporary resident alien programs upon their original expiration without any path towards naturalization.
  • We will eliminate birthright citizenship and criminalize any attempt at birth tourism.

“I was the only member of that body that ever submitted the plan of a constitution completely drawn in articles and sections; and this having been done at a very early state of their proceedings, the article on which now so much stress is laid, and on the meaning of which the whole of this question is made to turn, and which is in these words: ‘the citizens of each State shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities in every State,’ having been made by me, it is supposed I must know, or perfectly recollect, what I meant by it. In answer, I say, that, at the time I drew that constitution, I perfectly knew that there did not then exist such a thing in the Union as a black or colored citizen, nor could I then have conceived it possible such a thing could have ever existed in it; nor, notwithstanding all that has been said on the subject, do I now believe one does exist in it.”

– Charles Pinckney a signer of the United States Constitution in the House of Representatives (February 13, 1821)

The character of a nation depends on those who comprises it. A country is the product of its people. If you change the people, you inevitably change the character of the country. Our people have the right to maintain our Nation as it was intended by our Founders. Only the American Freedom Party has the courage and conviction to see this necessary policy through.