Anti-White Curricula Kill

In the past year, “Critical Race Theory” or “CRT” has become a topic of contention among mainstream conservatives, for good reason. Unfortunately, this phrase serves to take away the impact of what is going on in schools across the country, in red states and blue states, and in rural areas, cities, and suburbs. “Critical Race Theory” seeks to avoid the blatantly obvious fact that the education curriculums are anti-White propaganda. Lies and historical revisionism such as the 1619 Project are designed to remove the role European-Americans had in the founding of the United States, while focusing on, exaggerating, and fabricating history for events such as the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the Holocaust. This is meant to convince young White children that their ancestors are evil, their kinfolk are evil, and most importantly, they themselves are evil.

However, these curriculums aren’t just taught to White children, but to all students. In turn, not only does it engender White guilt, but it inspires hatred towards our people from blacks, amerindians, and others. They are repeatedly taught that their races have been victimized by Europeans for centuries. Never has this hatred been more clear than now. Within the past few weeks alone, two tragedies have occurred as a direct result of this curriculum taught in our schools.

Days ago in Fairfax County, Virginia, Cindy Walsh spoke in front of the school board of her 19-year-old autistic son, Robert Thomas Walsh, who took his life last year after he was made to feel that he was guilty for all the oppression in the world. Fairfax County is one of the school districts in the country most responsible for this terrible attack on the Historic American People. Robert must have been through years of anti-White propaganda that, worsened by his disability, eventually drove him to his breaking point.

In another recent case of anti-White savagery, a group of black middle-schoolers in Broward County, Florida attacked and whipped four White boys “in revenge for slavery.” In an unsurprising sequence of events, one of the attackers’ mothers feigned victimhood following the arrest of her son. This victimhood has been created due to decades of media propaganda and anti-White curricula.

These tragedies directly follow changes that these school districts have made in their respective curriculum. Fairfax County has partnered with the SPLC-run program, Teaching for Tolerance/Learning for Justice to “create an anti-racist curriculum” and “address the overrepresentation of white and Eurocentric history.” Meanwhile in Florida, Broward County Public Schools has partnered with Courageous Conversations to further spread anti-White hate.

These stories of injustice are only two of many, and we will never know of the countless more that remain untold or unpublished. The American Freedom Party stands against any curriculum that seeks to subvert American history, engender anti-White hatred among nonwhites, or create a feeling of self-guilt in White students. We firmly support any efforts taken to remove these aspects from school curricula and remove school board members allowing this to take place. Finally, this all begs the question, can White students be safe while integrated into the same schools as the people brainwashed to hate them?