The American Freedom Party is committed to a beautiful, clean, and healthy country. We are the only party in this country supporting true environmentalist policies. Unlike other political parties, we recognize that only through nationalism can the environment be properly maintained.

Our Nation’s Empire is covered from coast to coast with a diverse and beautiful landscape. The forests of Appalachia, the shores of the Great Lakes, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the deserts of the Mojave, the endless Great Plains, and the awe-inspiring Redwood Forests of California–this is the land our ancestors discovered and conquered for their sons and daughters. As their descendants, we have a responsibility to preserve the magnificent land they first witnessed.

The environment is often used as a justification for anti-White policies and to shame patriotic true-Americans. It is often implied that countries made up of European people are the ones polluting the environment, specifically the United States and our wasteful culture. This is false; the largest polluters in the world are countries from outside our European biosphere. Not only that, but we are the only ones coming up with solutions to environmental problems. Anti-White policies will not save the planet, and the prescription that White people should stop procreating will only exacerbate the problem.

America needs to rid itself of fossil fuel dependency. Fossil fuels are both limited and valuable resources that need not be consumed unless absolutely necessary. We must diligently explore and develop cleaner and more reasonable forms of power production. We will mobilize our European-American genius and innovative spirit. Just as we exercised our genius to explore and conquer the New World and land on the moon, we will do the same to solve this pressing civilizational problem.

We are making nature conservation a priority, without compromising or guilting White Americans into thinking that the damage was caused by them. The AFP will find fundamental solutions to these pressing problems of an exploited and deteriorating environment, and we will not accept blame by other countries for the harmful pollution that they have caused, and continue to cause.