Law & Order

Our country has become unrecognizably dangerous. Violent black crime continues to explode while the gang terrorism of migrants upsets the daily harmony of unsuspecting, peaceful Americans. Meanwhile, anti-white corporations & municipalities capitulate to various faux social justice pressures and either turn a blind eye to crimes or brazenly offer bribes to would-be criminals. The ruling elite’s acceptance of rampant crime as a way of life as if we are incapable of curbing it is a mockery of the American People. The American Freedom Party believes that a society can only function if it has order. Therefore, those entrusted to oversee the Nation have an absolute duty to maintain law and order for the benefit of its rightful people–anything less must be considered immoral.

The coddling of non-compliant offenders, especially those already known to have violent or disruptive records must no longer be tolerated. Undue leniency in policing activities and criminal sentencing only demonstrate weakness to the increasing alien masses and uncivilized who laugh at our goodwill. The pursuit of rehabilitating the likes of violent offenders and drug dealers has become an exercise in futility. This cycle of disrespect towards our People, our communities, and our way of life must end now.

If the American Nation is to reclaim its destiny, it must accept responsibility for law enforcement, maintaining order, and upholding the moral framework established by our Founding Fathers. The United States faces modern challenges, thus we must look to new solutions to bring safety, peace, and normalcy back to the daily lives of the American People. The AFP will implement national law enforcement reform, with the reorganization of policing structures and the creation of a national system of new policing principles.