Charlottesville: Sines V. Kessler

The Sines V. Kessler Lawsuit is a mess. Simply put, it consists of members of the Charlottesville community who knowingly and actively worked with, encouraged and supported AntiFa, suing Unite the Right demonstrators for the violence AntiFa caused. It is the quintessential “Cries out in pain as he strikes you” meme. If Sines V. Kessler truly was about seeking justice, the plaintiffs would be working with Kessler to sue the City and Law Enforcement agencies, who told Eye-Witnesses on the UTR side that they would not do their job. The Heaphy Report details at least 5 times that the police explicitly refused to do their job, and knowingly pushed peaceful UTR demonstrators into a violent mob of anarchists, communists, and literal borderline domestic terrorists (people like Brent Vincent Betterly were in the crowd on Market St. Google “Nato-3” for more info).

We also have to remember that Sines V. Kessler is not a criminal case, but a civil one. The level of scrutiny and the leeway given to plaintiffs is far more lax than in a criminal case, and the “innocent until proven guilty” is essentially a whimsical idea rather than a governing force of the trial. The case is also being held in the City of Charlottesville, with a Charlottesville jury. Further compounding the difficulties faced by defendants is Charlottesville Judge Norman Moone and his judiciary clerks, Hutton Marshall and Joshua LeFebvre. These two clerks who are hugely influential on Judge Moon are the personal friends of Elizabeth Sines, the lead plaintiff in Sines v. Kessler, which Judge Norman Moon and his staff are overseeing, a huge conflict of interest in which Judge Moon should have recused himself. To give an idea of how bad this judge most likely is, his peer, Claude Worrell, was attending the AntiFa-agitator sermon hosted on the night of August 11th, which was training people in how to disrupt the Unite the Right rally.

The plaintiffs are members of the Charlottesville community who knew full well the people they were working with. In the words of Sines V. Kessler plaintiff Seth Whispelwhey, “They [Antifa] have their tools to achieve their purposes, and they are not the ones I will personally use, but let me stress that our purposes were the same: block this violent tide and do not let it take a pedestal.”

It doesn’t really matter if this trial is about free speech. We all know free speech in America is dead. What this case is really about is how far the law and legal system will allow their street-thugs to abuse normal White-Americans to enforce social compliance through extra-governmental means.