Above all other things, the American Freedom Party seeks to provide the necessary leadership and organization that the American People need to create a better future. Our American Nation has been beaten down and subverted by enemies who will not settle for anything less than our total destruction. The only way to combat this is by taking part in an earnest struggle for National liberation and National rebirth.

Over many years, the enemies of our people have gradually eroded our National conception of morality and freedom to the point where our values are no longer remotely American. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties are aligned with this insidious agenda. They both support the demographic erasure of the true American People, the irresponsible propagandizing by media companies poisoning the minds of our youth, the off-shoring of American industry and labor, and slavish obedience to Israel and her expansionist agenda. The AFP stands against this abhorrent behavior and instead spearheads a different path.

The American Freedom Party stands for the ideology of Nationalism and rejects the left-right dichotomy, and instead embraces a true third position. Our position is that the American Nation should be considered paramount in all questions of governance and statecraft. This all-important principle is the central value from which all American Freedom Party policies are based and is the conviction by which we will govern.

Organized as a vanguard party, the AFP employs an entirely unique strategy that no other party in the United States utilizes. We recognize that our beliefs are not likely to be accepted by a critical mass of our people unless a significant paradigm shift takes place. We are confident that this fundamental upheaval will come eventually, and is coming regardless of the Nationalist movements’ readiness. Because of this, if Nationalists do not have the necessary institutions that are prepared to take advantage of this coming change, our people will be directionless and ineffective, and the opportunity to save them will be lost. The AFP will not let this happen! We will become the party that the American People need, but in order to do this, we must be resolute in our call to rally support.

Guided by the American Freedom Party, our people will reach new heights. Join our struggle to bring about a rebirth of the American spirit and the liberation of the true American People.

Every man and woman counts in this noble fight; become a Supporter to save this once great nation!

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