Foreign Policy

The era of competing nations is being eclipsed by the clashing of civilizations and mass predatory migration from underperforming populations. To overcome these unprecedented challenges, the American Freedom Party will adopt a revolutionary new approach to foreign policy. The AFP views the American Nation as a partner and leader within our larger European civilization. As populations compete for survival, we maintain that our European civilization is superior to virtually all other civilizations and that her needs must be considered paramount above all else. This is how all other peoples see themselves, and we too must adopt this attitude otherwise European civilization will not survive.

Predatory migrations against the American Nation or any nation-state within the European civilization will not be tolerated and any attempts to utilize weaponized migration will result in punitive measures against the offending states. The AFP seeks to use the vast power, influence, and resources of the American Nation State to stabilize and awaken all Nations throughout the world belonging to our European civilization, forming a nationalist alliance dedicated to our common survival. Friendly international ties should certainly include nations from outside European civilization, but only those nations with historically successful civilizations comparable to our own. Under American leadership, our peoples can coexist with our extra-national allies and seek prosperity in our right and proper historical lands.