The American Freedom Party insists upon a strong family unit as the standard for our society.

FamilyFamily is the core of any community, but the relationship between the sexes has been perverted to the point of men believing that women are an objectified tool from which they should seek sexual gratification. In return, women have been taught and encouraged to objectify themselves and seek unfulfilling lives. This philosophy is predicated on a hedonistic and materialistic view of life for both genders, and real fulfillment has been replaced with artificial happiness.

When the family unit falls apart, so does the community as a whole. The AFP recognizes the importance of a wholesome family unit. As we embrace the strong Nationalistic family unit, children will be raised to be moral and healthy citizens by both parents.

The American Freedom Party is committed to pro-natal programs. As such, we will enact policies incentivizing Heritage-American families to bear healthy children and raise them with the highest standards. Our posterity is at stake, and by again encouraging healthy, nuclear families in the United States, our future will be secured and so shall the future of White children.