Public education has become a tool used by the government to teach our children that their very existence is evil and that they deserve punishment. Schools and mass media have combined to form an oppressive force that teaches our youth that American history is dishonorable, and our heroes should be condemned. It is no longer about educating children, but about anti-White indoctrination.

Because of the aforementioned state of education in the United States, the AFP encourages the practice of homeschooling. Education in the home is the only way to ensure that our children are being taught the correct principles and instill pride in their heritage and Nation. This will also create opportunities to teach the youth about life skills and give them the chance to see how a traditional family should function. Ideally, this would combine teaching core curricula, along with healthy physical education, home economics, and trade skills.

As a result of our current education system’s malicious motives, our country’s scholastic standards have fallen drastically. Students are unprepared for college and life, while the government spends our taxes on exacerbating the problem.  As America underperforms internationally in schooling, and as the public education system continues to decline, we must understand that complete, unequivocal reform is necessary.