High Housing Prices, White Fertility, and the Californication of America

In 2020-2021, the price of homes rose over 20% all across America. Even higher increases were located in red states where predominantly founding-stock Americans live. In little towns in Idaho and Montana, three-bedroom homes are selling for over half a million dollars. Coeur D’Alene, the darling city in the northern fork of Idaho, clocked in a staggering 50% rise in home costs, with buyers frequently engaging in bidding wars, offering cash, and waiving all contingencies.

While it is true that the majority of homeowners in this country are European Americans, many of whom are happy to see their home value increase, the housing inflation we are experiencing will have a notable impact on heritage American fertility by hampering young couples’ ability to settle into spacious, affordable homes.

As the data-driven blogger Steve Sailer has empirically noted, the ability for Whites to engage in “affordable family formation” is driven by the price of housing and has a notable impact not only on their fertility but also on their political views. When our people can afford to buy homes, they tend to get married and have more children, and when they are married with children, they tend to be more conservative. Conversely, where founding-stock Americans cannot afford homes, they delay childbearing and reduce fertility, allowing them to retain liberal political views longer into life; having children makes people more conservative.

What’s more, low native fertility leads to an aging population, which is the neoliberal elite’s favorite excuse to bring in more immigrants, replacing the historic population even faster. More immigrants cause more competition for housing, causing the prices to rise even more. Americans restrict their fertility further and become even more liberal as a result of having no kids and living in a more cosmopolitan society. Lather, rinse, repeat. High housing costs eventually make every state into California both politically and demographically.

There are many theories behind why housing prices are increasing so dramatically, but the two most compelling are:

  1. The Federal Reserve’s (FED) policy of easy money at low-interest rates for seemingly ever has led to a mortgage borrowing boom for individuals and investment firms, all of whom want to buy up assets at a discount and protect themselves against inflation, also spurred on by the FED.
  2. Increased remote work opportunities, lax policing, and high Black and Hispanic crime. This has sparked White Flight from big metro areas, launching a re-suburbanization of America after decades of high earners moving back into the cities. The racial reckoning has heritage Americans fleeing for the last remaining nice, European areas in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, those places are quickly becoming as expensive as America’s big metro areas.

The primary flow of money is therefore going to be to White areas and away from Black and Hispanic areas. This means that areas for founding Americans are, as a rule, going to be priced higher. Since majority-European areas are what young White people need to reproduce, a cascading heritage American fertility bust is baked into the cake for future America.

To make matters worse, the Federal government, through various Obama-era and “Build Back Better” initiatives, is planning to start blockbusting majority-White areas by creating various incentives to cram blacks, Hispanics, and other non-Whites into our communities. This will lead to even higher barriers to entry for true Americans who wish to maintain their homogenous communities, and even more ridiculous levels of White Flight. Today it is not uncommon for young Americans to feel as though remote homesteading is the only viable option for them to live in a wholesome, Euro-centric community.

Although our current suburban model of living is undesirable in many ways, it does give many young Americans the sense of physical security they need to reproduce and survive. The Biden Administration wants to take the last vestiges of this away through their Build Back Better schemes. The future looks very bleak for White families.

There are around 200 million European-descended people in this country, most of us holding Nationalist views either openly or in secret. We are still the majority with the potential to take back our country and exert our political influence—IF we have the will and the dedication. We can wallow in despair, we can wait like battered wives for the GOP to do something for us, or we can take measures into our own hands by launching a political movement that will ensure the survival and success of our children, our communities, and our people.

We at the American Freedom Party seek to launch such an endeavor. We will encourage large families through a variety of economic and social incentives—including creating ways to encourage homeownership among young American couples. We will put a stop to all non-White immigration and ensure that only European-descended people can bolster the demographics of America’s founding majority. We will reverse all of the government practices currently taking away a sense of security and identity for our people. If you support these initiatives, join the American Freedom Party today.