White Teachers Face Record Rates of Violence & Abuse from Black Students

by Eric Striker | The American school system is now one of the worst and most hazardous environments for workers in the country.

Last year, the American Psychological Association published a survey of almost 15,000 people that found 22% of public school employees have been physically assaulted by students since the 2020 George Floyd inspired “racial reckoning.”

The racial dimension to this crisis is clear when looking at data. Whites are 79% of school teachers, while the Department of Education Civil Rights Department’s own data shows that black are radically overrepresented among disruptive students.

The war against white teachers is being conducted by policy makers. White schoolteachers in racially integrated classrooms have been publicly complaining that administrators, fearing federal civil rights regulators targeting them for discipline policies that have “disparate impact” on non-white students, prevent them from removing unruly black students due to “equity” concerns.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Education (DOE) have deliberately ignored the safety concerns of teachers and have decided to empower violent non-white students instead. Last May, the DOE and DOJ Civil Rights Division released its guideline on “Confronting Racial Discipline in Student Discipline” that warns school administrators about punishing blacks at higher rates than whites, which could provoke retaliatory measures such as aggressive federal investigations, lowering a school’s rating or budget cuts.

The anti-white motive behind this disastrous policy was made clear in a quote by DOE official Kayla Patrick, who stated, “In this country, nearly 80% of the teachers are White. And sometimes their mindsets are based solely in whiteness. So that means when they come into school, they have predisposed mindsets about who black children are, what they need to wear, and how they need to behave.” Many teachers now report fear of punishing black students due to fear that they will be seen as racist.

The program of using “restorative justice” techniques for students committing violations or engaging in criminal behavior instead of traditional punishments such as bringing in law enforcement and suspensions was already endorsed and implemented in numerous school districts in 2021 on the instructions of the Jew Randi Weingarten, who leads the American Federation of Teachers.

With their union and the government in lockstep on this issue, teachers being assaulted and harassed are on their own. Countless videos of teachers quitting in the middle of class in response to unflinching abuse from their pupils have gone viral online, while local news outlets regularly interview fed-up white educators trying to bring attention to the rapid decline in the educational environment in our schools due to policies preventing the disciplining of blacks.

The unsafe and chaotic environment for the disproportionately female workforce has led to mass resignations and one of the worst teacher shortages in history. A 2022 survey found that 49% of teachers are planning to quit, the overwhelming number cited violence and threats in the classroom as the reason. It is expected that the shortage of educators will be exacerbated in the next few years, as public school employees holding on for their pension begin retiring.

As America becomes more diverse and ideologically anti-white, fundamental institutions such as schooling are becoming impossible to maintain. With the entire system against them, white teachers forced to endure multi-racial environments are right to either resign until education is provided the respect and dignity it deserves.

SOURCE: National Justice Party (for information purposes)