Mexican Cartels Are Now Inside the U.S. Forming Gangs and Sniper Nests

Soon it will all be readily apparent to everyone, but right now most Americans are too busy TikToking and gorging themselves on GMOs, vaccines, and transgenderism to notice that the United States is being taken over by Mexican drug cartels.

America’s southern border is already a war zone, according to eyes on the ground. And this is the direct result of many decades’ worth of open-borders policies that have reached a pinnacle under fake president Joe Biden, who has left the southern border basically wide open for anyone to enter.

Since Biden was “inaugurated” in 2021, some five million illegal alien “migrants” have poured through and resettled here. And along with them are cartels like the one that now controls a 170-acre island in the middle of the Rio Grande River that contains sniper nests and is possibly booby-trapped.

Federal Border Patrol agents are doing what they can, but in most cases they are being completely overwhelmed by wave after wave of mass migration into the country, which has created a situation where Mexican gangs have slipped in unannounced and now have a foothold in the country.

America will soon be Mexico – and some would argue it already is

The aforementioned island, located about 250 miles south of San Antonio, is one such area of the U.S. that is now under the complete control of a Mexican cartel. And this is just one of many no-go zones that is popping up in the former “land of the free.”

Known as Fronton Island, the area in question hosts the Gulf Cartel and Cartel del Noreste (CDN), both of which are extremely violent. And keep in mind that they are using Fronton Island not to fight each other, but rather as a refuge for themselves whenever they have to flee either the Mexican military or American law enforcement.

As you might expect, the area these cartels control is also now a major drug trafficking corridor. The cartels use the thick vegetation in the area to stash their drugs while slowly making their way north into the rest of the country. Once they drop off the goods, they return to Fronton Island with more cash and weapons to add to their reserves.

These cartels do not value any human life that gets in their way. Whether it is law enforcement or an innocent civilian, they will shoot to kill whenever necessary to keep their operations going.

In 2019 before Biden was even in the White House, four cartel shooters with fully-automatic weapons fired more than 50 rounds from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande at a U.S. Border Patrol boat.

This past August, trail cameras captured grainy imagery of three suspected cartel gunmen armed with rifles and dressed in body armor crossing into Fronton from Mexico – this just a few months after five alleged Cartel del Noreste members, also donned in armor and tactical gear, were arrested in the very same area.

“It’s an island of death,” commented Jaeson Jones, a retired captain in DPS’s intelligence division who for years has fought against the cartels, and knows Fronton quite well.

“It’s dangerous, man,” he added, adding that the cartels are now cashing in on the ever-growing human smuggling business as well.

“The federal government is not able to cover all these areas and provide for the safety and security of landowners,” further commented Texas DPS Regional Director Victor Escalon.

“You have people out here saying, ‘Hey man, I’m out feeding my cows and I see three men coming across with backpacks and they’re armed. Why do I have to live like that?’”

SOURCE: Natural News (for information purposes.)