Nationalist Solidarity: In Defense of Patriot Front


Nationalist Solidarity!

It has been brought to our attention that certain small factions within Dissident politics have been accusing the American Nationalist organization Patriot Front of being pro-Zionist. This controversy arose when a Patriot Front stencil saying “America First” was placed over “Free Palestine” graffiti. While typically best to ignore such slanderous remarks, these accusations have escalated to the point where some individuals are calling for the doxxing of Patriot Front members. We staunchly stand against these false claims and shameful actions, and assert that being anti-Zionist does not require being pro-Palestine. Our shared position with Patriot Front is rooted in non-interventionism and prioritizing American interests, neither of which align with supporting Israel or Palestine.

While we do not speak for their organization, we are able to confidently state in defense of Patriot Front that they are anti-Zionist, in both policy and principle. In fact, Patriot Front promotional materials such as posters and banners explicitly state their opposition to Zionism. However, this anti-Zionist stance which the AFP shares does not translate into support for Palestine.

We oppose Zionism primarily because of the disproportionate influence Israel exerts on American policy, and their assault on Our People’s own right to self determination. This influence often results in the United States engaging in conflicts and political maneuvers that do not align with our national or ethnic interests. The alliance with Israel has led to substantial financial and military support that could be better utilized within our own borders. Along with this, Israeli and Jewish influence have resulted in the demographic genocide and oppression of Whites in America. Our anti-Zionism is a stance against this undue influence and the entanglement of American resources and lives in foreign issues.

However, this opposition to Zionism does not equate to an endorsement of Palestine. While Palestinians may be adversaries of Israel, they do not align with our vision for a return to Heritage America. We view both nations, and their respective ethnic groups, as external to our national and ethnic interests as people of European stock, and detrimental to our sovereignty in different ways. 

As non-interventionists, we believe that America should not be entangled in foreign conflicts or alliances that do not directly serve our nation’s needs. Our primary concern is the welfare and security of the American people. Neither Israel nor Palestine contribute positively to these goals. Our goal is to disentangle America from foreign dependencies and conflicts, ensuring that our policies reflect the needs and interests of our own citizens above all. While the AFP recognizes that Israel has an incalculably more pronounced negative impact on American policies, our stance is not rooted in supporting any adversaries who likewise seek harm to the nation.

Conversely, Palestinians should not be considered allies either. From our perspective, they represent a different kind of threat: one which is also rooted in ideologies and actions that conflict with American values and interests. They are invaders, engaging in tactics and ideologies that are fundamentally opposed to our vision for Heritage America. Supporting Palestine would not advance our non-interventionist goals or serve American interests. Ultimately, our focus remains steadfastly on America and her founding White European stock. Both Israel and Palestine are embroiled in a conflict that is not ours to solve or take sides in. Our resources, policies, and efforts should be directed towards strengthening our nation, addressing our own challenges, and ensuring the prosperity and security of Our People.

In summary, Patriot Front and the AFP’s positions are a reflection of our non-interventionist philosophy and our commitment to American interests. We reject involvement with both Israel and Palestine, recognizing that neither serves the needs of our nation.

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A Patriot Front poster proclaiming Anti-Zionism