AFP Memorial Day Message

On this Memorial Day, the American Freedom Party seeks to honor those ancestors of America who fought for the Heritage Nation and for the demographic preservation of Our People. We must however issue a warning to anyone seeking military enlistment in the current year.

The current regime and it’s military industrial complex does not serve the interests of Our People, or that of Heritage America, nor has it fought in defense of our Nation or its people since the 1800’s. Every entanglement since has been in the defense of foreign lands, Jewish interests, and greedy Capitalist politicians who seek to gain money out of the deaths of fallen troops.

It is natural for a young man to desire service to his nation, and in a healthy society, the military is a great way to do so. However, we live in an occupied and decayed land, where your sacrifices and service only benefit the regime which hates you and your people. Instead, we encourage young White men to serve our nation by building strong families, raising capable children, and setting positive examples within their communities. 

Serve your Nation by joining White advocacy organizations, dedicated to Heritage American interests and to its founding principles or by running for local or state office under the AFP banner!

#AFP #MemorialDay