All the Facts Suggest Biden Should Lose in 2024

by James Buchanan

Even if you believe that the 2020 election was the “cleanest election in American history,” there’s overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden can’t win the 2024 election. We were told that Biden received 81 million votes while Trump received 74 million. Prior to 2020, the largest Democrat vote total was only 70 million votes, which was Obama’s first election running against the RINO, John McCain. In the 2012 and 2016 elections, the Democrats were only able to get 66 million votes as the public soured on Obama and rejected Crooked Hillary.

It strains credibility to believe that the elderly Joe Biden in 2020 could have added 15 million votes above Obama’s most recent vote total. After all, he was part of the Obama administration, which had proven itself ineffective and unpopular, almost losing to Mitt Romney.

The same angry feminists and minorities who voted against Trump in 2016 in favor of Hillary, still hated Trump in 2020. There wasn’t any significant change in their numbers since Trump was keeping the border under control. In fact, the angry feminist population has been in decline mainly because they tend to either abort their children or drive away men with their negative attitudes. Many of them may have allowed their Trump Derangement Syndrome to make them even more crazy in 2020 than they were in 2016, but that shouldn’t matter since they still had only one vote each…. unless they were voting multiple times illegally.

An article on the Post Millennial reports “After the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop was suppressed, a poll was released showing that 16 percent of voters who were unaware of the laptop scandal would have not voted for Biden had they known about it at the time.”

“‘Seems like a good day to remind everyone that 16 (percent) of Biden voters would NOT have voted for Biden if they had been aware of the Hunter Biden laptop story,’ said Kyle Martinsen on Twitter, linking to the poll.”

“At the point when the poll was taken, 79 percent of respondents were still comfortable voting for Biden, with four percent switching their votes to Donald Trump, another four voting for a third candidate, and a further four percent would have skipped voting for president.”

Sixteen percent of 81 million is 13 million. This means Biden’s vote total would have dropped from an alleged 81 million to 68 million and Trump’s vote total would have increased to 77 million. So even if you believe the unbelievable numbers we were told in 2020, Biden only got there by organized fraud and censorship carried out by the liberal media, FBI and Big Tech tyrants censoring the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Since then, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal has turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. Biden family bribe-taking has now reached 50 million dollars as noted here.

In other words, bribery scandals alone should torpedo Biden’s reelection chances, but wait there’s more, a lot more. There’s Biden’s performance as president with painfully high inflation and gas prices and his botched handling of the Afghanistan pull out and his apathetic, sleepy response to the Maui fire with 115 casualties. On top of all that, there’s the disturbing abuse of power and use of the DOJ to go after his political opponents.

Biden’s inability to speak coherently in public also worries many Americans. Joe can’t seem to read his teleprompter for more than a couple sentences before he starts mumbling, slurring his speech or uttering gibberish.

In yet another blow to Biden’s reelect-ability, Biden is seen as “too old” by 69 percent of Democrats.

A recent news article reports “A new Associated Press/NORC poll has found that the vast majority of Americans believe Joe Biden is too old to be effective in a second term as president.”

“That includes a stunning 69 percent of Democrats.”

“All that anyone has to do to reach this conclusion is to watch Joe Biden. Every time he speaks he practically (slurs) all of his words, to the point where it is difficult to understand him.”

“Plus, Biden is constantly on vacation, as if he needs rest all the time. The man is clearly not up to the job now, never mind three years from now.”

If the 2024 election is clean, Joe Biden has no chance. Maybe that’s why the Democrats are telling us there is a new Covid strain and new vaccines and more panic in our future, which will no doubt include a reappearance of Nancy Pelosi’s mass mail in ballot scheme.