AFP Statement on the Brother War in Ukraine

No matter what side you are on, this war is a tragedy. It’s a conflict of special interests, of convenience, not a conflict born out of any righteous indignation or defense.

Russia claims that Ukraine is full of nationalists and pledges to “denazify” the country, while the globalists push the narrative that the United States must go to war to protect this country and millions of our sons must die for this foreign war.

Neither side is truly correct, but both have legitimate interests. Ukrainians want to preserve their sense of identity, while Russia is attempting to stop the American globalist influences from expanding eastward.

Our people are being divided, deliberately, by the elites that want us to endlessly kill one another instead of unifying. They are terrified of us standing together, so they will do anything to keep us apart.

Don’t let them get their way. The less bloodshed the better. Every White life lost is a senseless tragedy and we should be treating it as such.