The Issue With Trump Green Cards

The Issue With Trump Green Cards

By: Clark Mason, AFP Workforce 

If all roads lead to Rome, then the modern iteration of that saying should be: All American politicians lead to White replacement.

On Thursday amid a panel of industry moguls former President Donald Trump stated that he would give green cards to what he termed as high-skilled immigrants who graduate from American universities.

“What I want to do and what I will do is you graduate from a college, you should get automatically as part of your diploma a green card, to be able to stay in this country.” -Donald Trump

Trump appeared on the “All-In” Podcast hosted by Sri Lankan born Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason McCabe Calacanis (listed inJeffrey Epstein’s address book), David Sacks (who donated $70,000 to Hillary Clinton in 2016), and South African born David Friedberg.

During the interview, Trump assured the panel that this policy was aimed at incentivizing mostly Chinese and Indian immigrants to stay in the United States. A green card is a permit that allows foreigners to permanently reside and work in the United States (an H1B allows for temporary residence.)Essentially, in addition to using our best schools to train the elite of other countries, they will now be incentivized to stay in America.

Trump has always been a give and take candidate. Despite his glaring flaws, his crass yet honest style has made him something of a folk hero. He was the only Republican to call immigration what it is- an invasion- and he made fools out of the Clintons and Bushes who have themselves been making fools out of the American people for decades.

His 2016 campaign could have been a stand in for Reagan-era optimism, promising a truly America-first policy. Tariffs to protect American goods, energy independence, and no new wars were all high notes. On immigration, instead of a crashing flood of biblical proportions that we have seen under Biden, Trump brought the immigration flow to a fast-moving river- still heading toward White replacement, but nowhere near as dire and intimidating.

Trump’s immigrants aren’t the knife wielders, bovine-like ignoramuses, and face tattooed gang members of the third world. The immigrants he is proposing we import are the Brahman and Han elite- who, assured in themselves, are dominating the White-collar world with the ruthlessness of a pack of sharks sniffing out a bleeding whale carcass.

“They desperately wanted to stay here, they had a plan for a company, a concept… they go back to India, they go back to China.” -Donald Trump

The issue isn’t that we aren’t getting enough immigrants from Asia- we have plenty. There are currently 2.7 million Indian immigrants in the US as of 2021, making them the second largest immigrant group after Mexicans. Immigrants from China make up the third largest group, numbering around 2.1 million individuals as of 2021.

Currently, Asians make up 23% of the workforce in computer and math occupations, which is a major overrepresentation compared to their percentage of the US population. Top management positions in tech, science, and medical fields disproportionately go to those of Indian, Taiwanese, Sri Lankan, and Chinese descent. India and China are the top two recipients of H1B visa which are granted to specialized workers (H2B visas are reserved for unskilled temporary workers, often in the agricultural sector.)

So how does America benefit from inviting in the supposed best and brightest from Asia? Simply put, we don’t. Just like every other bold-faced policy lie, the end will result in the economic dispossession of Americans. The simple truth is that the talent is here in our own backyard, but our leaders refuse to tap into home-grown potential.

American tech and medical inventions, which exist in abundance, are all products of home-grown ingenuity. Why are schools not teaching and encouraging our youth to enter these fields? Why are our children fixated on pernicious TikTok videos that Asian parents would never allow their children to watch? To our discredit, when did White America begin valuing sports players more than astronaughts? We used to aim our nation’s sights as high as the stars.

The problem goes both ways since we are allowing the hostile takeover of America to occur on our sleepy watch.

We hear non-stop about how declining White birthrates necessitate immigration. However, the problem of population decline is cultural and a product of an exorbitantly high cost of living. Why is it that each year in America, despite declining White birth rates, tightly knit communities like the Amish are able to have children? We are indeed a sick society, but that requires reinvigoration, not replacement.

Proponents of immigration will claim that without wealthy elites streaming in from Mumbai the American nation couldn’tfunction. These same people will also claim that immigrants starting companies creates opportunities. However, for the average American worker, competition for jobs often becomes a discouraging race to the bottom.

The amount of foreign-born tech workers in areas like Seattle has increased from just 11% during the 1990s to more than 40% today. In places like San Jose, California, foreign born workers account for as much as 70% of the workforce. The vast majority of these foreign workers come from India and China.

Many large companies such as Microsoft and Amazon pay for and facilitate H1B visas to expedite the hiring process. As companies like Amazon expand their transnational monopoly, they need cheap and efficient drones to keep the machine running. Large companies have no interest in fostering American talent- they answer to ESG scores, DEI initiatives, and their true god; money.

Meanwhile, in cities like Seattle, qualifications for entry level jobs have become fiercely competitive. This has a spillover effect of layoffs and slow growth in many other sectors related to tech. Post pandemic projections for hiring look dismal for the years to come in many large cities.

Adding more workers to an already shaky job market only has the effect of dispossessing Americans. Even if the demand for skilled workers grows, a steady flow of foreign coolies does nothing to help the fortunes of American citizens. If Donald Trump follows through on giving green cards to graduates, then Americans will see the problems San Jose and Seattle expand to the rest of an already overpopulated America.

Many workers in tech experience discouragement, if not outright discrimination, when working in companies dominated by Indians. A common complaint in the tech industry is that Indians are inclined to hire other Indians- not exactly the assimilating immigrants that we were promised.

Jobs across the board have seen wage stagnation while the overall cost of living continues to grow. Americans must tune out the pro-immigrant media symphony and ask themselves how their lives have been improved by immigration. In what measurable or quantifiable way has the job market improved?

Not only are wealthy Chinese and Indian elites able to send their children to our universities, but they are able to use diversity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to gain the upper hand. Even the nation’s highest earning demographic are able to ride the DEI gravy train to the top institutional echelons. As of 2019, the largest applicants to American medical schools come from India (32.4%) and China (15.4%). Colleges and universities routinely demonstrate their desire to enrich their student bodies with anything except White.

Despite Heritage American medical achievements, this is another industry in which Whites are readily allowing themselves to be dispossessed. Voters should ask themselves why the government can come up with every diversity initiative imaginable, but sees no reason to encourage the continued greatness of heritage America in medicine.

What’s most jarring is that, for a Republican, Trump doesn’t have an appalling record when it comes to restricting H1B and green card immigration. During his presidency, Trump passed legislation to curtail the number of foreign H1B workers being imported by large companies at the expense of the American people. His “Buy American, Hire American” initiative sought to end abuse of the H1B visa program such as chain immigration.

In fact, he has made similar promises before. During his 2016 campaign, Trump promised to deliver highly skilled immigrants to America. Again in 2019, he laid out of plan to reward skilled immigrant labor, which to his credit, he never made good on. In 2020 Trump signed an executive order banning new visas to the annoyance of the tech class.

Why is the Hire American president promising once again to hand out green cards like they’re candy? Perhaps the most frightening part of Mr. Trump’s comments is that they are now being lauded by the billionaire class.

The purpose of this article is not to demolish Trump in total, but to attack his comments and the short-sighted mode of thinking that has led America down its deleterious path. Why does the former President feel compelled to appease tech billionaires and threaten to dispossess his own loyal voter base? Trump is lucky that his mostly positive track record has given him a loyal and forgiving base.

It has been said that Trump is an ideal candidate because he will run America like a business. However, that may be his greatest fault. A country is the farthest thing from a business; a leader’s job is to protect his people which is a nation’s true wealth. Americans are not interchangeable pawns who can simply be swapped out and replaced like a pair of shoes.

Learning English, going to Yale, and producing for Amazon are not what makes an American. A nation is like a family, an irreplaceable unit, with a destiny which only those people can fulfill. The essence of what makes America great is the European background of its population. America is the result of a great race of people who brought their ingenuity from Europe to the new world and continued it here. Not just Trump’s voters, but all of White America, can see how far we’ve come from the original settlers and the Ellis Islanders.I In order to fix the West, the change must come from within, not from the outside.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of a Trump presidency is the false sense of security it will offer voters. Instead of feeling the urgency to confront America’s internal enemies, voters will assume Trump will do the heavy lifting for them. It may buy Heritage America more time in the short term, but a Trump presidency does not guarantee America’s problems will disappear. If anything, our enemies will become more desperate.

By: Clark Mason, AFP Workforce 


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