Political Ponzi Scheme

It was odd when 82 year-old Nancy Pelosi led a secret delegation of six “Democrat” House Members to the Ukraine in April of 2022 while its war with Russia raged. Other visitors to this war-ravaged nation included “Democrat” Senators Shaheen (NH,) Coons (CN,) and Murphy (CN.)

We now have a clearer picture of what was probably taking place: as Peter Schweizer has emphasized in interviews and books (paraphrase,) “the Ukraine has been a playground for the Democrat Party for years.” The recent collapse of the crypto-currency exchange known as FTX Corporation — a real Ponzi scheme — may have exposed the reason for all that frenzied concern for the Ukraine by “Democrat” Party insiders.

U.S. taxpayers have unknowingly and illegally funded the “Democrat” Party’s candidates for years. Here’s the mechanism that accomplished this scheme: Billions in U.S. Foreign Aid were laundered through the Ukraine and then returned as so-called “dark” contributions to the “Democrat” Party. (“Dark” money are contributions whose sources can’t be identified.) It’s no coincidence that tens of billions in U.S. military aid remain unaccounted for since the war began in the Spring of 2021.

As the Biden Administration was sending tens-of-billions in aid to the Ukraine, the Ukraine was investing lots of it in Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX Corporation. In turn, Bankman-Fried became the second largest contributor to the “Democrat” Party — just behind fellow-Jew, George Soros — by contributing at least $10 Million to Joe Biden in 2020 and $40 Million to “Democrats” in 2022.

Not coincidentally, between $1 Billion and $2 Billion of his customers’ funds have gone missing from FTX according to Reuters. On November 12th, Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO of FTX while it was in the process of filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. He and FTX are now under investigation by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for mishandling its investors´ funds.

Immediately after Joe Biden pledged one billion dollars in aid to the Ukraine in late March of 2021, FTX immediately became a “partner” with the Ukraine to process private donations to its war effort, presumably using crypto-currencies. As U.S. taxpayer dollars were being transferred to the Ukraine, its leaders were returning lots of that money to “Democrats” through Bankman-Fried and FTX. Even Charles Ponzi would probably agree that the “Democrat” Party has somehow managed to dirty his name even worse than it was.

Communist Sol Alinsky once advised American communists to bankrupt America by overwhelming its welfare system with recipients and thereby leaving the U.S. insolvent. It’s now obvious that merely investigating the corruption and treason of the “Democrat” Party may, in itself, be sufficient to overwhelm the resources of the federal government and bankrupt us once-and-for-all.

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