Legalizing Illegals vs. Having babies

Reposted With Permission WND News Center: Michael Master counters Chuck Schumer’s amnesty tack with ways to increase childbirth in U.S.

On Nov. 16, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., stated that the United States needed more immigrants to offset the low birth rate of Americans. He added that because of the low birth rate, the U.S. needed to provide a path to citizenship for illegal aliens (somewhere between 11 and 40 million of them now in the country) and for “Dreamers.”

Bloomberg Business Week pointed out Nov. 7 how the birth rate in America is too low to sustain and grow the population and that the poorest and least-educated countries have the higher birth rates. The countries that can afford children have the lowest birth rates, while those countries that can least afford them have the highest.

In “The Demographic Cliff,” Harry Dent pointed out almost 20 years ago that the low birth rates in Caucasian countries, industrialized countries, would cause tremendous problems. The Caucasian portion of the world’s population fell from 25% to 10% in just 30 years.

In “The Bell Curve” from 1996, the authors proved that the low birth rates in industrial countries vs. the high birth rates in Third World countries was hurting the world in multiple ways.

In my books from a dozen years ago, “Save America Now” and “The Birth Famine,” the facts were presented that at current birth rates, Jews would be practically extinct outside of Israel within the next two generations, Caucasians would fall to less than 5% of the world population from 25% in the 1960s, and the entire world would suffer from these demographic changes.

So what caused this low birth rate among Caucasians and with industrialized nations? As pointed out by Virginia Raines and Sue Sarkis in different email exchange groups, the birth rate falls as a population becomes more educated and more affluent. Intellectuals brainwash our children into believing that careers are hindered by children and that motherhood is slavery – so birth rates fall as wealth and careers become more important than bringing life into the world.

Therefore, the lower-intelligent and poorer populations becomes a larger percentage of humanity as the population of educated, affluent people falls.

My books predicted a dozen years ago that Democrats would propose more immigration as the answer to a low birth rate and that corporations would agree because they need more consumers and employees to grow their businesses. If more immigration and amnesty are added to the election fraud techniques of ballot harvesting, drop boxes, extended early voting, mail-out of ballots and no voter ID, Democrats would control government in the USA for at least the next two generations of Americans.

So of course Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are enabling more immigration and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and Dreamers. Forty percent of the world’s current immigrants now live in the U.S.

The U.K. already discovered the problems caused by more immigrants, as facilitated by the EU, so Britain chose BREXIT. Russia and China also have low birth rates, but they have not succumbed to allowing more immigrants because they understand what will happen to their cultures, economies and aggregate intelligence (uneducated) if they do.

Chuck, this is one more example of how you do not put the interests of America first.

The U.S. should be correcting its low birth rate instead of using the addictive drug of immigration to try and offset it.

How? By encouraging more child birth right here in America. We can do this:

  • By changing the tax laws to a flat tax rate with very high standard deductions for married couples and children and eliminating the other deductions that help rich people without children pay less taxes.
  • By reinstating the draft so that all citizens (men and women) serve 18 months at 18 years old with a choice of either military service or public service, with no deferments. As Americans serve a cause bigger than themselves, they better understand the value of life.
  • By changing funding to public schools (especially state colleges and high schools) so that any schools that push woke agendas are penalized.
  • By glorifying the job of mothers. How about some Freedom Awards to mothers?
  • By honoring the motto “In God We Trust” and placing religion back in the public eye in education, entertainment and every aspect of American life.

We all need to ask ourselves: How has this approach of liberals for a secular society, a woke society, actually helped America? It has not. As people become more educated, that does not mean that they have any more common sense.

Does replacing American births with dependent immigrants make sense to you?