“We Are Indigenous” Poster


These posters are provided for activists to print out and distribute on their own. Please follow all local laws regarding posters/pamphlets/stickers.

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The American Freedom Party wants to extend warm wishes to all true Heritage-Americans on this Columbus Day!

All too often, we are told that this land belongs to “Indigenous-Americans”, so much so that this day has often been shadowed by “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”. To this we ask, what is indigenous? We answer, Whites!

This land was inhabited thousands of years ago by dinosaurs, are they indigenous? How long must Our People stay here to become indigenous? The answer is simple; We have always been indigenous as this Nation was built by and for us!

The natives were an unorganized group of tribes, constantly waging war against one another prior to arrival. Upon our arrival, we turned a plot of land, to a thriving civilization! The current America is a far cry from what it used to be yes, but the American Freedom Party seeks to return America to its Heritage state, before the introduction of forced diversity and anti-White rhetoric.

With this in mind, America is not their land, America is Our Land!