“The Great Replacement: California” Poster


These posters are provided for activists to print out and distribute on their own. Please follow all local laws regarding posters/pamphlets/stickers.

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The Great Replacement

Did you know that in 1952, California’s white population comprised a significant 94% of the total population? Shockingly, by 2022, that number has dwindled to a mere 35%.

California’s changing demographics can be attributed to various factors, including mass immigration, anti-White government policies, and a decline in birth rates among Heritage-Americans. These transformations have led to a considerable cultural and societal shift, which have in turn transformed this once-great state into a third world hellscape.

As we move forward, let’s work towards policies that prioritize the well-being of White citizens and safeguard the future of the unique Californian identity. By protecting our heritage and embracing pro-American AFP policies, we can foster a harmonious society that cherishes our cultural legacy.